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Things I have tried and what I have Learned

August 28th, 2013

Things I have tried and what I have Learned

I think Bob has a great idea opening up a discussion or in this case a blog where we can share the things we have learned and experimented with as self learners. I hope to post before and after pictures and discuss what I was trying to accomplish during my almost 4 years of painting digitally. Now I know that does not seem like a lot of time and I know there are many more worthy of sharing their techniques and I am all ears to learn more.

When I was in the hospital I went to to craft classes and was given some oil pastels with a piece of onion skin and a picture of a flower. I did not want to be in that class at almost 60 years old but to keep peace I did. Well I was amazed how nicely it came out and received many compliments. The next day I went and tried again. Another nice looking piece. Well that is how my new "career" as a retired/disable person began.
What I found out was that painting keeps my mind focused and feeling more "sane" and "normal" (in addition to medication). I Googled all the famous artists and began painting any photograph I could find and just posted them on facebook, pinterest, and google, just for the fun of it and to share with my family and friends what I was doing. Until this past March when I found FAA. Wow, a place to share my artwork and learn from thousand of contemporary artists and it is blast for me. Seeing beautiful pieces of art, learning about the artist by looking at their work, having a resource of professional artist to ask question and experiment with some of their styles and most of all getting to know other artists by messages and comments and being featured in a group. For me it is the first thing I do in the morning BEFORE facebook while I am drinking my coffee.

I used to spend only an hour or so "working" on this painting therapy/project. Now I am spending almost 4 hours a day and am preparing necessary materials; signs, catalogue sheets, business cards, product, etc. so when I am ready to go "public" I will be ready. I am also going to join a few art associations that are in my area and find a few street fairs to put up a booth. When I am ready of course.

My life has totally turned round. I have new friends, Literally thousands of paintings, have painted well known celebrities (in Spain), and have done a few commission pieces. But I must admit, I am a little bit scared. There is so much that I don't know and the unknown scares me (part of my disability). I have my wife and my two older sons for me for support and my family alumni and facebook friends who encourage me. And of course now my FAA friends.

I am new and learning and want to learn more. I am looking for mentors to suggest helpful things about my artwork and I have received many suggestions. I figure this will be my last career and I want to be remembered by some if for only my artwork that hangs someplace in their home or office and I want to do the best that I can.

So, you now have my first post. Future posts will come as I am considering what I have learned over the last four years.

I hope you will enjoy and follow me as I share my journey of becoming an artist.

Blessings to you all


I want to learn from the Experts.

July 6th, 2013

Dear Fellow Artists.

I have been painting for about three years now but have only recently begun to consider avenues to get my work "out there". FAA is my first real attempt to promote my work and next week I will have a booth in our town's street fair. I am excited.

However, like I said I am really new at all this. For this reason I created this blog so that you would have a place to comment, suggest, advise, encourage and help guide me to be a better and successful artist.

I want you to feel free to say anything. I know there will even be differences of opinions amongst the artists, but that is ok. I believe if someone has an opinion it is because they have experienced something that has lead them to thing the way they do. That is why I would like to hear from anyone, new or experienced. I have a lot to learn and I want to consider everyone's thoughts.

I hope you will leave me a post.


Bruce Nutting

Future Ideas for New Paintings

July 6th, 2013

In this blog I would like to post my own new ideas for paintings and any new ideas that any of my viewers of my paintings wish for me to consider.
Please suggest anything you would like painted. If you have a particular image that you have in high resolution in jpg format I would like to be the one to paint it for you. You can review my work and should have a good idea of my style of painting. If you do, just post it on and then send me the link they will send to you in an email to me at This service is free and gives us the possibility to transfer large MB files.


Bruce Nutting